We are the Churt Amateur Dramatic Society, a fun and friendly local drama group. We perform a variety of shows, from war-time plays to modern day pantomimes, there is very little that hasn't been portrayed on our stage. Great for families who want to both watch and participate, come along to our next performance to see what we're all about!



Rapunzel has been kept locked up in a tower for almost eighteen years by witch Gothel, who she believes is her mother. But her real parents, the King and Queen, have not given up hope that one day she may return to them. And every year they celebrate her birthday, by releasing one sky-lantern for every year that’s she’s been gone. 

Back at the tower, Rapunzel’s solitude is broken by the arrival of three Fairies, who persuade her to let them transport her to the outside world. Gothel discovers Rapunzel has been freed, and enlists the help of two villains to return her to the tower.  The scene is now set for a daring rescue as in all traditional pantomimes Good must triumph over Evil.



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Est. 1980

When the village hall celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1978 there was no drama group in Churt to call upon, consequently Grayshott Stagers were asked to perform a music hall to mark the occasion, when three Churt residents took part. Following that show, there was pressure for Churt to re-start its own drama group. So at last in May 1980 33 persons met in the village hall anxious to start but having limited experience. What should the group be called? –Churt Amateur Dramatic Society seemed very prosaic until we realised that CADS was its acronym.

The new group led by Olivia Cotton. Training members to project their voices was always difficult so that loyal supporters soon learned to book early to be near the front so they could hear. New trainee directors were given an opportunity to test their skills on private, not public performances. This involved correspondence with the Charity Commission who seemed to think a “Private” performance meant an obscene production. .Slow, painstaking lighting was acquired. A wardrobe was built up through the generous donations from local inhabitants.


The society started with three productions a year – spring, autumn and a Christmas pantomime, several “home-written”. For a few years our local MP attended the pantomime with her children, saying that CADS’ panto was the most enjoyable.

To maintain interest among members not chosen at audition, play-readings were regular events at private homes


By the time of the Village Hall’s Diamond Jubilee in 1988 CADS was able to give backbone to a community play, “Cavalcade of Churt” which involved nearly all the village societies. That was the first occasion when all seats were fully booked before even the first performance.


Today CADS has a vastly different make-up with brilliant performances by members talented in the many aspects of theatricals. Experience in a professional theatre such as playing at the Electric Theatre at Guildford and the Leatherhead Drama Festival, where CADS compete against other groups, has enabled members to gain a professional experience and CADS have recently won a number of awards.


CADS runs a number of shows each year including the annual pantomimes, a Spring and November play and the introduction of supper evenings to further entertain the audience. For a number of years CADS successfully ran the annual village quiz and it is known amongst its members as being a hugely supportive, all inclusive, society.


We are always looking for new members to either tread the boards or help backstage.


If you are interested please contact the Chairman Dawn Barrow on 01428 714375 or and be assured you will receive a warm welcome.